About Us

What is unique about our lab?

Heritage Dental Laboratory, Inc. of Arlington Heights, Illinois has been selected as “Best in Class” to exclusively partner with the da vinci group. We are seeking “Qualified” doctors to join this partnership with the da vinici group.

Every “High Tech” restoration is available here: Empress, Eris, Belleglass, Targis/Vectris, Procera, Zirconia, to name a few: including Bill McCormick’s own trade mark crown, “Nouveau™” and the “Ultimate Crown”.

More of our technicians have graduated from Dr. Dickerson’s famous Las Vegas Institute and the Pankey Institute than any other lab in the Illinois or east of the Mississippi.

Heritage is the oldest and most experienced 3rd generation lab in Illinois. Bill McCormick and his employees have taken more continuing education classes at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) than any other lab in Illinois. We also attended classes at The Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Studies and The Pankey Institute For Advanced Dental Education.

Bill McCormick is also a consultant for large dental laboratories to help them solve their challenges. He also lectures nationwide on all-ceramic restorations.

The “Heritage Dental Laboratory Complex” is actually 2 separate labs, “fixed” and “removable”, working side by side to ensure the finest results in both crown and bridge, removable, implants, and precision attachments.

We are also “THE” chosen lab in Illinois for “Blatchford Solutions”.

More than half of our business comes from States like Michigan, Indiana, Maine and South Carolina.

All work is performed under microscopes, from trimming your dies to final product to ensure a precise fit and minimal adjustments, In fact, we boast the lowest remake percentage of any other lab!

We are going GREEN and we invite you to join us!
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