Porcelain Fused To Metal

  • Base Alloy
  • Noble
  • High Noble

Full Cast Crown

  • Non-Precious
  • Yellow or White Noble
  • Yellow High Noble
  • Inlay / High Noble
  • Post & Core / Non Precious
  • Post & Core / Gold
  • Semi Precision Keyway
  • Precision Attachment



  • Cobex – Cubic Zirconia
  • Empress
  • Emax Layered
  • Emax Inlays / Onlays
  • Emax Monolithic
  • LVI Technique for Veneers
  • Zirconia Layered
  • Zirconia Full Contour-Monolithic
  • BelleGlass Crowns & Inlays
  • Cosmopost
  • Porcelain Butt Joint
  • Maryland Bridge
  • Radica Temporaries
  • Diagnosis with Wax Up
  • Soft Tissue Wax Up

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  • Please consult our implant department for your implant cases.
  • We have restored over 20 different systems and can work with you on any system available.
  • Ask us about our K.I.S.S. Implant program to save you money.


  • Full Dentures
  • Soft Gasket Denture
  • Tap Appliance
  • Flexible Partial
  • Cast Partials
  • Repairs / Relines
  • Nightguards / Bruxing Appliance
  • Surgical Stents

Other Products

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